Built for the local community, by those who care about it, Molina is a place born out of great passion and inspiration. Molina is an intimate and personal experience; it’s all about welcoming guests into Chef Kyle Swain’s “home” for a meal focused on wood-fired, California Coastal cuisine. The daily rotating menu features items cooked in the famed Alan Scott oven, which serves as the heart of the restaurant. Guided by the freshest weekly selection of Marin County’s farmer’s markets, Molina’s menu changes nightly, always leaving the opportunity for intrigue and surprise on every visit. The menu focuses on produce pulled from the ground that morning from local farmers, fish caught with lines in nearby rivers and ocean waters and hand-picked oysters and shellfish. Additionally, local meats include rabbit, pig, quail, and cattle that he feels are raised in a truthfully humane manner. The kitchen team’s affinity for great music also plays a role in the overall dining experience as he curates a nightly-changing playlist printed on the back of the menu to correlate with the dishes he creates each night, varying from well known bands such as Hall & Oates, to indie electronic artists he’s discovered. Located in beautiful downtown Mill Valley, Molina is a place where locals and visitors alike come together to experience locally sourced and produced foods and wines selected with love and care by Chef Kyle and his team.


— Kyle Swain, Chef —